Becca Reid (2007)

Becca Reid
August 17th, 2007

I wanted to come up with an analogy that would help me describe camp. Perhaps what I came up with was caused by lack of sleep or maybe I’m just slightly weird. But the first thing that came to my mind was Jelly Doughnut. Now, many of you may be thinking “Jelly Doughnut? Um, yeah, you’re weird …” Just think about it for a moment. Jelly doughnuts aren’t very appealing on the outside. They look like a blob of dough; however, if you love jelly doughnuts then that delicious fluffy exterior is quite tantalizing to the tastebuds. Camp can be seen in a similar way. If you’ve been to camp before (if you’ve tasted the jelly inside the doughnut) then for the majority you love it here. If you’ve never been to camp before (or biting into the donut for the first time) this experience might be a little nerve racking. You don’t know how your camp experience will turn out (you don’t know what kind of jelly you will get and if you’ll like it or hate it). Many people love coming to camp and tasting the Korean culture. Many people love jelly donuts for the soft, taste dough mixing with the gooey delicious jelly. However, there are just a few that dislike camp – this place just isn’t for them. There’s also the few that don’t like doughnuts of the jelly variety. The jelly surprise just isn’t their forte.

Being on staff for the first time I had to once again take that first bite into the doughnut. Was it bitter or unappetizing? NO! It was delicious and satisfying! I loved that jelly doughnut. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience being on staff. I got to see the other side. I had the chance to truly appreciate all the hard work that is put into camp. I was thrown in the lake not once, but twice! Gotta love being a C.A.! Yes, being the only CA to get thrown into the lake is a wonderful treat. The icing on top of my jelly donut!

So, in the end, I’ve learned what it takes to be on staff; I’ve suffered through the counselor torment and had the time of my life. And now all this talk of jelly donuts is making me hungry.