David Urick (2003)

David Urick
August 8th, 2003 – SJC Session 1

Hey everyone, if you don’t know me, my name is David Urick and this is my first and last year at Sae Jong Camp. So I’m writing this so you will remember me hopefully. New friends back home. They love you for who are, not what you dress like, not for who you hang out with, or who or what you like. When I first got here I taught I was going to have the worst week of my life. I said to myself, “There is nothing anyone could do or say to change my mind.” I couldn’t be anymore wrong. I think it’s beautiful when people of the same race come together and share their language, culture, and realize who they are and why they’re here. For any of you who wonder if being adopted wasn’t meant to happen to you, you can think that but just remember that in no way was it your fault and you were given to a family that loves you just as much as any other family loves their children. It may make you cry or want to cry but you’ve made a difference and I have so much respect for you. This week has been a blessing for me and I’m saddened beyond reason to know I won’t be able to come here again. I’ve met so many people that have made an impact on my life and the people I haven’t gotten to know, I would like to. I’d like to end my year at camp by saying, “I hope I see you all again.”