David Yang (2004)

David Yang
August 20th, 2004 – SJC Session 2

Hi! My name is David Yang from Cabin 1. This is my first year as a camper and I enjoyed it very much.

My counselors were very cool. They were really nice to our cabin. They helped us out a lot of times. If we didn’t have the two counselors I don’t know what would happen to our cabin.

One of the favorite things I did was the activities I did in the afternoon. I had fun playing sports and canoeing. The best part about canoeing was flipping over. You would get soaked. That’s what happened to me twice.

Other favorite things I did were the rally and the dance night. We did these after dinner. The rally was really fun. What our group had to do is get clues, solve problems and run all over the campground. Our group finished first. Yeah.

The dance night was also really fun. I had a great time. Our whole cabin danced at least one song. But one of my friends and I danced for a really long time. The dance night was the best.

I had a super time at SJC. I was really glad I came this year. I wish I come here next year. Thank you for listening.