Emma Muldoon (2006)

Emma Muldoon
August 18th, 2006

Hi, my name is Emma Muldoon! This is my first year at Sae Jong Camp! My experience at camp is it is really fun! My favorite part about camp is that the counselors are really fun! My electives were really fun! The electives that I took were Korean cooking with Liz and Esther and I also took canoeing! I took it with Heather and I have to say that Heather is really fun! My very very favorite thing is that I really like how Jeanah and Victor gave us t-shirts. My feelings about Sae Jong Camp is that I kind of like how I am around other Korean people since I live in a really small town! I like how I get to meet new people and make new friends! I really like how this camp is all Korean-Americans, I really felt like I belong because I have Korean friends now. This is what I will miss about camp is that I will miss the fun activities and the really fun counselors. I hope everybody enjoyed Sae Jong Camp 2006!