Leah Buck (2011)

Leah Buck
August 12, 2011

As I’m writing this I’m looking around Kiva. I’m where I have been every August for the past 7 years, with Claire and Jordyn on my side and loving every second of camp. I don’t remember why I first decided to come to camp but I do know why I keep coming back. It’s so amazing to me how all of us different people from all over can come to this one place and connect with each other on such a deep level. That’s not something you can find every day. On my very first day of camp I met the friends that would become my sisters. We’ve walked through every year of camp together and along the way I’ve added more and more to my SJC family. Without all of you I’d be lost. I’d be all, “What? I’m Korean?!” But seriously camp has made me more comfortable and confident in who I am not only as a Korean American but as a person in general. At home I feel like I’m trying to please people and be a certain person, but here I can be myself. Here I can act crazy and weird and still be serious and have deep talks. Here I learned to be proud of being Korean. There is no other place like this and I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything. In case you haven’t noticed I love this place a lot. The only thing I ask is that you keep coming back and don’t ever stop. We’ve got to keep this place alive so I can be director someday.