Nathan Guttendorf (2004)

Nathan Guttendorf
August 13th, 2004 – SJC Session 1

Hi. My name is Nathan Guttendorf, and this is my second year at camp. The reason I came back is because I met a lot of new friends. I felt like I was in a place where everyone knows what I was feeling, I felt like I am at a place where I belong. The morning classes helped me learn about myself and my culture. The afternoon classes were a lot of fun. Evening activities are always a lot of fun. My favorite is skit night. The counselors are nice and almost always willing to help. Last year I had Woei as a counselor. Almost every second of free time Woei had he would sleep. This year I have a counselor who cross dresses and a CIT who is short (no offense Kevin). Even though I had a short CIT and a cross dressing counselor they were and are good role models. I had almost the same cabin this year. My good friend Adam Schwartz, my fellow drummer Clayton Spencer, and Alex Dermody an almost exact copy of Chris Ensor that some of you might remember from last year. Camp is a great experience and for those of you that are leaving I hope to see you again.