Lucas Zimmerman (2009)

Lucas Zimmerman
August 21th, 2009

Hi, my name is Lucas Zimmerman and I am a camper at Sae Jong Camp. I feel that this camp is very cool and fun. For a lot of people that I know at this camp, this camp means a lot to them, and for me I also feel this camp is very special. There are also very fun things to do like Archery, model rocketry, lunchtime fun and a lot more. The most fun activity to do though is lunch with all the songs you sing and all the laughter you laugh. Another thing that was fun was staying with other campers in the same cabin and all the campers in my cabin I became friends with. All of my camp experiences have all been exciting, new, and fun, so I hope you also have great experiences at Sae Jong Camp too just like me.