2019 Director’s Report

2019 marked Sae Jong Camp’s (SJC) 44th year of continuous operation. It was special and significant in many ways:

  • We had 78 campers in 2019. This is the highest enrollment we’ve seen in the past several years.
  • Of the 78, 22 campers (28%) were new to SJC. Many were teenaged KAs, but an increasingly large number are children of SJC alums.
  • Despite the multitude of campers this year, only ONE had the ubiquitous Korean last name “Kim”. The fact that a KIM was so rare @ SJC reflects the diversity and breadth of KA youth that SJC has come to serve. 2019 campers and staff included KA adoptees, second/third generation K As and multi-racial KAs

This year we also fulfilled a number of commitments made during our recent fundraisers:

$7,177.59 of the $18,388 raised in 2016 – 2017 were donated to Camp Westminster (WC), which has hosted and supported SJC since our inception in 1976, for the purchase and installation of a much-needed new oven in the kitchen. The new oven not only benefited SJC in August, but WC the entire summer of 2019 as it was installed before the 2019 season started. It will continue doing so for years to come.

$2,500 of the $18,388 was used to hire an intern in 2017, who among other things helped to refine our programs, database, and communication with new families. The remainder of the funds raised in 2016 – 17 were used to increase our financial reserves.Of the $6,587 raised in our 2018 COUNSELORS & CAMPERS campaign,

  • $2,750 allocated to support up to 5 campers with financial needs
  • $1,650 was used to sponsor 3 campers,
  • $1,100 remains available for future use.
  • The balance of $3,837 raised to increase counselor pay and cover travel expenses enabled us to increase $875 in salaries paid to staff and cover $3,000+ in transportation costs. This enabled us to bring in great counselors from Utah, New York, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Much of the credit for the success of SJC 2019 goes to Max McCaffrey and Director of Operations Jeremy Witt, who kept logistics and programs running smoothly. Likewise, kudos go to Jami Chung who we were lucky to have back again as Program Director. And everyone should know that SJC would not be possible without the web-wizardry of our man behind the curtain, Jay Cackowski, who has been patiently and silently keeping us out of trouble for years.

We look forward to SJC 2020 with great anticipation. Some of the reasons we are excited about our 45th year of SJC are:

  • We’ll have the first week in AUG 2- 8, which should help avoid many scheduling conflicts with school activities associated with the second week in AUG.
  • We anticipate seeing more children of SJC alums return or join us at camp for their first time and experience SJC as their parents did a generation ago.
  • We hope that the increased attendance @ SJC 2019 will result in even more campers in 2020.
  • We will strive to keep SJC the safe, fun and magical place it has been for over four decades. You can help by spreading the word! PLEASE let your relatives, Facebook friends, support group network, and anyone else who you think may be interested in our wonderful camp know that we’re still going strong and serving a new generation of SJC campers!

Doug Kim, Director
(313) 725-4113

P.S. If you don’t already, please support us using AMAZON SMILE when you order online. 0.5% of your purchase will go directly to us. Simply go to smile.amazon.com and select “Sae Jong Camp” from the list of charities.