SJC 2017 Intern, Paid Opportunity

Sae Jong Camp, a 501c3 non-profit organization is looking for a summer intern.

This person will ideally have the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old, or have finished a year of college
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Good organizational skills, disciplined time-management and be a self-starter
  • Be familiar with social media, creating newsletters, and creating databases
  • Has attended SJC and is enthusiastic about our mission and culture

The responsibilities of the intern will include:

  1. Assist in marketing SJC prior to SJC 2017’s start. This will involve calling and e-mailing former and potential campers and talking camp up.
  2. Review survey results from SJC 2016, make recommendations and respond to inquiries, suggestions and contacts in surveys.
  3. Working on SJC Alumni database .
    • Seeking out SJC alums and obtaining their contact information and the years they were @ SJC.
    • Conduct an online campaign to get SJC alums to signup on Amazon Smile to support SJC
  4. Promoting SJC to relevant organizations
    • Creating a database of groups and organizations we can contact to promote SJC. This will include adoptive support groups, adoption agencies, Korean churches and newspapers (and other media) in the Mid-West, KA adoptive conferences (e.g., KAAN), other KA youth camps.
      GOAL = 200 ENTRIES
    • Create and send a hard copy brochure to contacts described above.
  5. Creating 4 online newsletters to be sent to the SJC Alumni database.
    • To be sent our quarterly via e-mail to let people know about SJC, promote SJC 2018, and possibly fund-raise.
  6. Seeking financial support from companies and organizations
    • Create a database of companies, organizations and other sources that we can apply to for financial support or grants. This includes researching and qualifying said sources so we can approach the most promising
      GOAL = 100 ENTRIES
    • From the contacts described above, identify the top 25 and submit requests for funding.
      GOAL = RAISE $2,500


  • Base salary = $2,000
  • Incentive Bonus = $500 (upon timely completion of duties)
  • Note: This position should be considered a 20 hour/week job running about 8 weeks.

Interested parties should send a resume and a statement of interest to Doug Kim at All applications are due June 7.