SJC 2023 COVID-19 Policy

We agree and share the principles of Camp Westminster’s COVID-19 policy which was revised this month to reflect the endemic pattern currently seen in the United States:

Given, however, that our campers come from many different parts of the country where rates are different and that returning to parents for isolation may not so easily be able to be arranged, we will take an additional step in mandating pre-camp COVID testing. We will require one at-home COVID test or PCR within 48 hours of camp as well as one that will be performed upon arrival. Please bring photodocumentation of the at-home test OR the PCR test result copy, and one kit for use immediately upon arrival.

We would recommend masking use with a KN-95 or better while using any public transportation while en route to SJC to mitigate risk of transmission.

We will no longer be doing a mid-week COVID test, but please pack a COVID test for each camper in the event they are symptomatic.

To summarize, each camper needs 3 at home COVID test kits:

  1. Pre-camp within 48 hours(or PCR test)
  2. Upon arrival
  3. Packed with camper in case of symptoms

Vaccines and boosters are strongly recommended as they are proven to reduce severity of illness from COVID but will not be required this year, in accordance with Camp Westminster’s policies.

Should there be a material change in the nation’s epidemiologic status of COVID-19 we may change our policies to reflect the safest method to prevent transmission and outbreak while at camp. This is delineated in Camp Westminster’s policies.

Many thanks!

Jin Park, MD
Camp Health Officer