Doug Kim (2004)

Doug Kim
Staff Alumni
August 20th, 2004 – SJC Session 2

Dear campers, counselors, Victor & Jeanah,

Once again the week has sped by more quickly than anyone wants. Jon Jon and I are somewhere over Nebraska about now and we’ll be back in California in a few hours.

But our hearts will remain with you, and at Camp for many days to come.

The warmth of your friendship, the songs running through our heads and the laughter during the week made it very hard to leave you all.

As you may know, my parents were among the founders of Sae Jong Camp. They hoped it would be a place for us to learn, have fun and find a common bond.

I’m more than pleased than I can say that Camp has flourished and grown for 29 years… and I’m sure that my parents are too.

And, I’m simply delighted that my son was a camper this year – it means a great deal to me.

Thank you all for making us welcome. And a special thanks to the counselors, Victor and Jeanah for carrying on the work that we started in 1976.

I hope that in the fullness of time all of you will know the joy I felt this week – and that someday your children will be here at Camp basking in the glow of the love we share.

With warmest regards and best wishes to you all,

-Doug Kim