Michelle Cha (2004)

Michelle Cha
August 20th, 2004 – SJC Session 2

Even though this is only my fourth year of coming to Sae Jong Camp, I feel like I’ve been making this three-hour journey up north to Higgins Lake every second week of August for my whole life. I was skeptical of coming before my first year because I didn’t know anybody, or how they were going to treat me, but when I got here everyone invited me with open arms. That first year I also realized that I wasn’t the only Cha. This whole time, I’ve built friendships to last a lifetime with never-ending memories to go along with them, like having late night cabin “pow-wows” and chats about things that I shouldn’t say out loud… *cough cough*

Even if this camp seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the year, my love continues to grow for my friends and the camp itself, because this camp has taught me to be proud to be a Korean. Another fantastic week of Sae Jong Camp is coming to a close, I look forward to coming back to camp to see my friends, make some new ones, have my first year as a Kiva girl, and most importantly, make more memories.